Digital Business Cards for Sales and Marketing Teams

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Amplify client satisfaction, accelerate sales triumphs, and elevate your brand's prominence

Leverage Digital Networking to Maximise Sales and Revenue

Instant Access to Global Reach

CardByte Digital Business Cards can be effortlessly shared worldwide, physically or remotely, via email, WhatsApp, SMS, or popular social media platforms. Attach your QR code to your email signature for seamless sharing.

Effortless Transition

Digitize all your existing customers' and vendors' business cards by simply scanning their printed cards, reducing manual data entry and ensuring accuracy.

Organize, Store & Manage

CardByte enables personalized organization, allowing users to store contacts with self-created tags, notes, and favourites for efficient management and effortless retrieval of relevant information.

Collaborative Teams

Create internal teams within CardByte to enhance visibility, collaboration, and transferability of customer information. Set individual targets, gamify prospecting, and boost your businesses topline.

Data-Driven Insights

Ensure data security with CardByte. Contacts are safeguarded; only designated administrators can access them, preventing unauthorised copying or downloading for maximum protection.

Get Higher Closing Rate

Elevate visibility by ensuring Sales reps' contacts are recognized in the customer/vendor phone book, reducing the chance of seeming unknown.

Make the Most of Every Networking Event

Attend trade fairs, networking events, and virtual gatherings with ease of sharing and receiving Digital Business Cards, maximizing your return on investment.

CardByte Model

Inside Sales Advantage

With information saved directly on customers' phones, there are higher chances of better connection and conversion rates, eliminating unwanted calls from unknown numbers to prospective customers.

Environment Friendly

Save the planet, one business card at a time

One tree is cut down to print 10,000 business cards. With CardByte, that number goes down to ZERO.

Easy to use

Issue business cards to your team in minutes

In just a few clicks you can create digital business cards for your entire team on CardByte.

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