Digital Business Cards for Banks

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"Experience better client retention, drive customer success, and amplify your Bank’s visibility!"

Network Digitally with a Make in India Product

Business Card Scanner

Use our patented business card scanner to feed in contact information of all potential customers and investors directly to your database.

Real-Time Updates

Banking is a dynamic industry. With CardByte, you can update contact information of every employee on their business card in real time.

Enhanced Connectivity

CardByte's Digital Business Card doesn't just share contact information. But it also shares your social media handles, business description, current role, and more.

Easy Information Sharing

You can share a CardByte Digital Business Card with a simple QR code or a URL. Simple, convenient, and instant networking.

Efficient Follow Ups

Our dashboard provides the ability to schedule events and set up reminders to help your team follow up with all prospects without fail.

Increased Visibility

When your every banker has a Digital Business Card, each employee becomes a spokesperson for your bank.

Improve Customer Relationship Management

CardByte can integrate into your bank's CRM system, allowing for efficient tracking of customer interactions, preferences, and needs. This helps in providing personalized services, understanding customer requirements better, and ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and retention. 

Improve Internal Collaboration and Escalation Management

With CardByte your Bank can create branch specific QR codes displayed on its counters providing the entire escalation matrix for easy access by the customers. Moreover, CardByte can easily transfer customer information from one Relationship Manager to another for easy cross-collaboration.

Environment Friendly

Save the planet, one business card at a time

One tree is cut down to print 10,000 business cards. With CardByte, that number goes down to ZERO.

Easy to use

Issue business cards to your team in minutes

In just a few clicks you can create digital business cards for your entire team on CardByte.

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