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Elevate Networking, Embrace Sustainability, and Streamline Business Connections with Ease

Shape a Greener Future with CardByte

Cut Down on Carbon Emissions

CardByte's sustainable mission aligns seamlessly with the Public Sector’s ESG goals, saving 225 trees annually, conserving water, and reducing landfill waste by digitizing networking.

Share Important Contact Details

Streamline with global networking. CardByte effortlessly shares your digital business card via email, WhatsApp, SMS, or social media, and attaches your QR code for quick recognition in recipients' phone books.

Smart Networking for Everyone

Digital business cards on CardByte go beyond traditional formats. Incorporate links to social media profiles, websites, and resources for more comprehensive networking opportunities.

Easy Accessibility and Portability

Access and store digital business cards on various devices, ensuring crucial contact information is always at hand, whether officials are on the move or in remote locations.

Efficient Management

CardByte empowers users to efficiently organize and manage contacts through self-created tags, notes, and favourites. This streamlined system ensures quick access to relevant information, enhancing overall efficiency.

Enhanced Interactivity

Digital business cards on CardByte are not static. They incorporate interactive elements, such as clickable links, providing in-depth insights into products and services.

An Economical Approach with a Make in India Product

CardByte cuts traditional business card costs, offers transferable licences for organizational efficiency. We help you address environmental concerns, streamline networking, contribute to digital transformation, and ensure cost efficiency.

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Inside Sales Advantage

With information saved directly on customers' phones, there are higher chances of better connection and conversion rates, eliminating unwanted calls from unknown numbers to prospective customers.

Environment Friendly

Save the planet, one business card at a time

One tree is cut down to print 10,000 business cards. With CardByte, that number goes down to ZERO.

Easy to use

Issue business cards to your team in minutes

In just a few clicks you can create digital business cards for your entire team on CardByte.

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