COVID Impact on Business Cards

Sep 11, 2021

COVID-19 has forced us to rethink how we work. The pandemic has made us reshape and reimagine our businesses, communities, and economies at large. As the world steps onto the digital pedestal, those ubiquitous little rectangular pieces of paper in your pocket now seem outdated, inconvenient, and environmentally unfriendly.

The global pandemic has also redefined connections – both personal and professional. Thanks to endless lockdowns, restrictions, and high-speed internet, everyone is just a ‘Zoom call away.’ Business cards are now stashed in unused drawers. Here’s why COVID-19 has changed the business landscape:

The Smartphone is your new directory

Smartphones are the nerve center of our lives these days. They are our one-stop- shop for networking. Whether it is ‘liking’ your favorite brand on Facebook or sending a connection request on LinkedIn to open new revenue streams.

Not just email and Zoom, other social media channels like Instagram and Twitter have made sure that traditional business cards are becoming an alien concept, especially for the audiences under 35.

Networking events not working anymore

Physical networking or meetups are a luxury these days. After all, with so many events being postponed or canceled, it is not exactly the best atmosphere for using business cards. With bars and restaurants shutting down, the chance to network and put your business card to use has quickly disappeared

The WFH culture

Home is the new workplace! Thanks to extended lockdowns and restrictions many people had to adjust to this new phenomenon overnight. Some had to create new space at home while others had to upgrade their internet plans. Video conferencing apps have become the new meeting room, albeit a better one with pretty backgrounds.
With more and more business users staying at home, the demand for business cards has declined sharply.