Business card 2.0 is here. Do you have one yet?

Sep 11, 2021

A startup, a corporate honcho and a professional consultant, can you guess what is common among them?

A business card. Yes, it forms the first point of contact between you and your client. It is also the first impression of your brand and its personality. Are you wondering that with Google, LinkedIn, and social media, does it even make sense to own a business card? Absolutely, yes!

Here is why the business card is your card to success:

Makes you stand out

Like every person has some distinctive features, which make them stand out, a business card sets you apart from your competition, thanks to your unique name, business, logo, and design, you create a unique identity for yourself.

Gives a pro impression

Consider this, whom would you hand out your business card to? Someone who says can you take down my number on a piece of paper or someone who hands you a business card in return? Exchanging business cards is the unwritten rule of starting a business engagement. Yes, even in 2021!

Make a statement

The colors, design, logo on a business card are an extended part of your personality, belief systems, and tonality of your brand. It is not just colors but unique shapes, textures, and designs that can be a deal maker or breaker for your client.

The business card is changing form

In a world where virtual networking has taken over physical networking, business cards are not far behind. Digital transformation in almost every aspect of our lives has meant that the traditional paper card is slowly but surely being replaced by the digital.

What’s trending?

Global business trends have seen a tremendous change in the last two years. We now have a tsunami of digital platforms with social media and new-age technologies like AI, ML, and IoT coming to the forefront.

Digital business cards are replacing traditional paper business cards. The post-covid era has ensured it happens at a rapid pace. According to a report, the market was valued at US$ 1,057.6 million in 2019 and is projected to reach US$ 3,065.8 million by 2027. And there are good reasons why this shift is happening:

It’s good for the environment

In a world where climate change is taking center stage, going paperless is the easiest way to do your bit for the environment. After all, 100 million cards are printed every year from 6 million trees. At least, your business card will not have its name on those trees.

It’s cheaper and hassle-free

Forget about spending money on designing and printing cards, one can design and exchange digital business cards on the go.

Contactless social distancing

In the current COVID-19 scenario, virtual business cards are a boon to engage with potential business contacts by maintaining social distancing.

Piling and losing track

Maintaining all those physical card folders can be a tedious job. You might not be able to locate the business card when you need it. According to a study, 88% of the cards are misplaced or not traceable after a few days of being exchanged.

Seamless. Effortless. Contact management.

Scanning cards is much easier than carrying one, right? With contact management cards, all you must do is scan and save business cards on the go at the touch of a button. And the best part, you can update information like an address or phone number digitally rather than printing it all over again. Simplified, isn’t it?

Glad we have all this and much more

Cardbyte is an AI-powered contact management platform with an on-device smart scanner, which offers real-time updates with a smart search feature. The only business networking app, you’ll ever need!

Future Possibilities

Undoubtedly, digital business cards are the future of corporate networking. The rise of digital business will automatically impact the digitization of networking and make these digital business cards an indispensable part of our lives.