Benefiting from Contact Management

Apr 1, 2022

Driving Business Growth & Success

We live in a fast-paced world. According to research by Dun & Bradstreet, on average, every 30 minutes 120 business addresses change, 75 phone numbers change, 20 CEOs leave their jobs, and 30 new businesses are formed. Whether you are an independent business professional, an entrepreneur, or a corporate executive, you must keep pace with the fast-changing world and adapt accordingly.

Contacts are critical for business success

A contact is not just simply a visiting card, it’s a business asset. If you don’t have an up-to-date contact database, it could mean a loss of opportunity or business. These contacts could be your clients, suppliers, or business partners. As the business grows, so does the number of these contacts. Additionally, it’s also the other way round – more contacts mean more business. This criticality of contacts for business underscores the importance of an effective contact management system – in the highly competitive business world, a good contact management system could be the difference between success and failure.

Top benefits of contact management

Store & Manage Contacts Seamlessly

As you grow your business and meet scores of clients and prospects every day, you will collect hundreds of business cards through the years. You must diligently manage these contacts and leverage them to their complete potential in order to grow and expand your business efficiently. A contact management system neatly organizes your contacts based on companies, designations, industries, and even customized tags, making it extremely convenient to access & reach out to prospects anytime, anywhere. Also, if tomorrow you want to migrate these contacts to your company’s CRM, marketing automation or sales enabled tools, you can easily do so using an end-to-end contact management platform

Access to real-time information 24X7

Historically, printed visiting cards have been struggling with stale information over a period of time. As the world around us keeps changing, contact management keeps you updated and helps you visualize and assess your business network in real-time. It ensures you have access to accurate data at all times at your fingertips. Imagine a situation where you are desperately looking for new prospects, but you are saddled with scores of business cards with stale information – contact management will ensure that you never get into such situations.

Clear the clutter increase your productivity

A key benefit of contact management is that it keeps your contact database clean, organized, and updated. Access to this organized set of data improves productivity considerably and reduces the clutter. Contact management empowers you to be organized – you don’t have to wade through hundreds of visiting cards every time you want to reach a business contact.

Generate qualified leads & referrals

An effective contact management platform not only helps streamline the daily networking processes, but also grants its users access to a global search directory that allows them to generate qualified leads and referrals for growth. Advanced filters & segments help identify potentials leads, partners, employees, and other stakeholders and offer tools to easily reach out and start the conversation.

Save time and money

A contact management platform automates the majority of everyday processes, thus saving time that would have otherwise been spent on redundant, manual processes. Additionally, the costs associated with an effective contact management solution are considerably low (up to 80% less) as compared to manual processes.

For ensuring business growth and success, it’s critical to empower oneself with the right information that is always accessible. With the outbreak of the pandemic, traditional processes have been unable to adapt to the industry that is rapidly going digital. A contact management platform ensures you adapt to these changes conveniently without affecting your relationship with your existing customers or facing issues while reaching out to new ones.  From a business perspective, contact management can be a critical enabler of sales growth and success. After all, a lost contact is equal to a lost business.